Intruder Alarms

Clear Image provide specially designed intruder detection systems and services for a variety of commercial organistaions as well as large corporate enterprises.

Clear Image security alarms systems effectively deter intruders and protect your most valuable of assets, whilst ensuring your insurance and legislation needs are met by conforming to British and European standards as an SSAIB accredited organisation.

Integrated Intruder detection solutions

Clear Image's system Integration provides integrated solutions for intruder detection with video surveillance and access control to ensure your premises are completely protected for Asset, staff and property protection.

Monitored systems

With a Clear Image Systems monitored alarm, you know that if your alarm is activated, our partnered monitoring station receive a message from your system so the correct response to the activation can be determined.

CSL DualCom


CSL DualCom are the UK Market leading supplier of dual signaling systems and are the preffered choice for all Clear Image installed monitored systems.

Using the technology available from CSL Dualcom, Clear Image can transmit intruder and personal attack signals at high speed with an intruder alarm signaling device that uses both the GSM network and your telephone and/or IP path.

Clear Image now install all DualCom systems with there world sim GSM technology which allow the signalling path to switch between GSM never loose the signal path. This allows for the high quality Dual signaling that is preferred by Insurance companies and Police. 

Clear Image will select the correct Grade/Version to match your needs, allowing you to have the most effective service.

This forward thinking technology meets all insurance grades and reports signaling path failure within seconds. All systems are supplied fully programmed and can share an existing phone line, reducing disruption during installation.

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