Access Control Systems


An access control system can consist of a number of "access points" which can either grant or deny access to your staff or visitors. An access point is usually a door with an electro-mechanical door lock, but can be a turnstile or a car park barrier and is controlled via an electronic keypad or card.

Simple solutions like electronic keypads can be programmed to allow entry on the input of a valid code and are usually the most simple of access systems. The next level of security is the card based system where each person is issued with a unique coded card which must be presented to a card reader to allow access through the door.

Clear Image also specialise in cash based card systems. We have an extensive client base of golf and leisure clubs throughout the UK to which we have worked alongside various suppliers of club management systems. Our access systems are designed and installed to intergrate with the selected club management system. This would allow for features such automatic importing of information direct to and from the chosen club system software, members only needing to use the one card for both access security and leisure facilities. 

Bio Metric


Biometric Security utilises a unique part of the body to interface with access control systems such as fingerprint, retina scan or facial recognition.

This solves the problem and all the associated issues with lost cards, forged cards and worn or damaged cards and ensures the correct user can access the appropriate doors. For users the system also has the advantage of removing the need to carry cards or remember pin numbers.

Clear Image Systems can interface Biometric technology with most control panels and can also be retrofitted to existing access control systems.

PC Based


For larger based access systems that require more in depth analysis a PC system is the best solution. The principle of the system is the same with access points consisting of a card reader and electro magnetic door lock fitted to the required access points. Each of these points is then linked together with a data cable to form an access control network. This ultimately connects to a PC which can be on or off site and operates an access control software package. You then have the full control over all the system from one location. You can add and remove cards, restrict access by door or department, unlock or lock doors by time schedule or override. You can also access numerous reports to check on staff movement around the building and can generate roll call print outs for fire / evacuation.




Clear Image Systems turnstile installations secure your premises without restricting people.

Freedom of movement, whether it involves entering a company lobby, industrial zone, or stadium.

Clear Image Systems can provide entrance solutions for all areas where people are on the move. From simple TripodTurnStiles to weight detecting, bulletproof Security Booths. Two products within the security range but totally different fields of application.

We have access to a huge range of equipment from the worlds leading suppliers, offering standardised or customised solutions for all locations that vast numbers of people visit, work or pass through.

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